Why Having A Niche Is Good For Your Mental Health

First of all, despite the word ‘niche’ in the title, this blog post is not about marketing, although it might please some marketing experts to know that by spreading the word that niche is a good thing, they are also promoting good emotional health too.

Why is that?

In the work that I do, I talk about burnout – a lot, more importantly how to overcome it, and how to stay out of it. The Burnout Antidote Framework is something I put together a while ago and forms the backdrop of the work I do with clients (click here if you’d like a copy). One of the areas we look at within that is Identity. This is how we see ourselves and the way we are seen by other people; in business, it’s about being known for something and that comes back to niche or target market.

Here’s why having a niche is good for our mental health.

Having a niche helps us to focus

By having a certain type of person to write to, or a particular issue to write about (or both), it allows us to be really focused and specific when it comes putting our message out there. The blogs we write, the conversations we have, the services and products we create, and the training we go to, all of it is focused and has a purpose. Having focus and intention means we become quicker and smarter at getting things done; we don’t waste time wondering what to do next. Having a niche gives us a plan, which gives us peace of mind.

Having a niche means we get really good at something

When we begin to immerse ourselves in one area, we get good at it, so much so that we become an expert. Other people notice experts, the more we serve in this area, the more people take note and give us the opportunity to practise our craft even more so, and so it goes on. Essentially, by having a niche we are practising over and over to become good at something, and with being good at something comes confidence. So having a niche makes us more confident, and less anxious.

Having a niche means we attract the right people

When we are all things to all people, we attract all kinds of issues and problems to us, and this can be exhausting. When we are clear in our message about who we can and can’t help, then we become a beacon for the right people to find us. When we are working with the right people (for us) we feel energised and fulfilled that we are making a difference. When we work with the wrong people or the wrong issues, we feel frustrated and ineffective, (regardless of the results they are achieving). When we state our consistent message over and over, the right people will hear it.

Having a niche saves us a whole lot of time and money

Ever heard of Shiny Object Syndrome? Not having a niche plays right into this over and over again. We see others doing things we are not doing and think ooh maybe I need to be doing that? Having a niche goes deeper than the people you serve. It’s about what you serve and how you serve it. Taking the time to reflect on where you feel most comfortable is key here. For example:

  • Am I a one to one person, or do I prefer the idea of online programs?
  • Am I more of a blogger, or would I prefer to do video or audio?
  • Am I a networker or do I prefer online marketing?

The clearer we get on our business identity, the easier it becomes for us to focus on our own path, and ride out any distractions or ‘wrong’ opportunities that come our way.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking, ah but what if I get bored with having only one niche?  You can relax because it may not come to that. You see, when we focus on one thing, we become a completer finisher, and that pleases our minds immensely. Our brains love to finish things we start, and with having a niche, we get to do that. We start something and we see it right the way through to the end, and our brains reward us with little hits of dopamine.

It’s that dopamine which gives us the motivation to want to keep going, which of course, gives us the mindset we need to build a successful business…

Consistent. Daily. Action.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this, you might want to head over to the #HappyHealthyEntrepreneur Facebook page where you can get access to all my blog articles. 

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