Overcoming Self Employment Isolation & Loneliness

Being your boss. Freedom and flexibility. Following your passions. No more commuting.

Some of the many, many benefits of working for yourself.

But of course, the world of self-employment can also have its downsides – one of which is experiencing isolation as a small business owner. Many people who start their own businesses do so after having had a previous career. It’s a common theme that many of us ‘escape’ the corporate world of high targets and expectations, burnout and stress to retrain in something that ignites our passion. But as well as leaving all that behind, we also say goodbye to some really good stuff as well.

The ready-made set of colleagues.

There are those colleagues that see when we’re having a tough day and suggest going for lunch, to offload. The ones that make you laugh until you literally can take no more, and those that you can have wonderful inane conversations with about catch up TV, healthy lunches, and whether or not it we should have cake this afternoon!

Small business owner isolation is very real, and very common too (ironic as that sounds), hence why it doesn’t have to be like that.

In this video, I’ll talk about why it’s so important for all humans to have regular and meaningful social connections, and I lean here more toward offline, physically present contact rather than of the online, digital variety. You’ll also hear me talk about the many, many benefits of having a support network and what that can do for your own wellbeing, and the success of your business. Finally, I talk about the one small thing that have a big impact on how you feel day to day as you continue to develop your business.

Are you a small business owner?  An entrepreneur, freelancer, coach, therapist, or consultant? If you’ve been thinking about getting some one to one support for you and your business, then why not book in for a free one hour consultation with myself. I help business owners navigate the ‘inner journey’ of being self employed, so they can do their best work with clients and have a business that supports them, not exhausts them. To book your free initial consultation go here. 

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