When Self-Care Feels Like A Chore!

Much is said of the need for business owners and entrepreneurs to practise regular self-care. In fact, in some entrepreneur circles, a popular topic of conversation tends to be “so what’s your current morning practice then?” Many of the key thought leaders from the world of personal development and entrepreneurship will tell you how essential it is to have a self-care routine in order to be successful in business and in life, and of course many of us take that on board, the good students of life that we are, and go off and plan out a whole programme of activities that we vow to do regularly so that we too can have a successful business and life.

Except it doesn’t always work out like that does it.

What happens when self-care actually feels like a bit of a chore? When it feels more like a task to be ticked off the To Do list in order to feel good, otherwise we feel guilty?

This video dispels some of those myths behind the pressure we sometimes impose on ourselves to have a morning practice or self care routine. I’ll be helping to lighten the load of some of that pressure by pointing us back to some simple facts about how our minds work, and how they don’t. I talk about how superstitious thinking doesn’t just apply to walking under ladders and counting magpies on our path, it is also a type of thinking we can get caught up in – much of the time, without even realising it and self-care is a big topic that falls into this trap.

When I realised for myself, what I’m about to reveal to you in this video, I know that it freed up so much more headspace for me, and now, when I do engage in self-care activities, it now feels like a pleasure and is so much more effortless.

If you enjoy watching this video, please do share with someone you think will do so as well. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic as well. Do drop me an email to sarah@sarahswanton.com, I’d be really interested to know if something shifted for you when you watched this.

Here’s to doing self-care – your way!

Sarah x

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