This New Paradigm Of Business – In Conversation with Linda Anderson

“I love being part of this growing movement of support, collaboration and co-operation. I call it the ‘new paradigm of business’ where it’s not about competition, it’s about championing each other, and celebrating that. That’s what works best for the planet, not just me as an individual, that’s what works best for all of us.” (Linda Anderson, Tap Into Your Success)

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This week on the podcast, I go into conversation with Linda Anderson of Tap Into Your Success. Linda is an EFT Tapping Coach, and very often is referred to by her clients as a Mindset Magician. She teaches heart-centred business owners how to get over: self doubt, the fear of being seen, and the fear of charging their full worth, which means they can then go on to market themselves so much more boldly, create more clients, and make an even bigger difference in the world doing what they love, rather than just getting a job to pay the bills.

Linda has been running TIYS for 14 years, so like Melanie Mackie’s interview last week, it was great to hear her wisdom and insights when it comes to her experiences of being an entrepreneur during that time. We talked about overcoming inner resistance, self-confidence, and doing the work you really (really) want to be doing.

Three words that sum up what the entrepreneurial journey has meant to Linda so far are:

“Procrastination, Fear and Growth”

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • What a transformational impact it had on Linda and her business, when she went from ‘people pleasing’ to listening to her own voice, and deciding to act on that instead.
  • The huge lightbulb moment she had, when asked one simple question by her coach.
  • How Linda went from being stuck in a feast & famine cycle to being in a place where now, she is generally booked up for two months in advance.
  • What self-care looks like for Linda, and how fresh air, bike rides, and alone time is key to recharging her batteries every day.
  • The importance of finding the right networking communities that connect you to your tribe of people.
  • How thinking that just being very good at what you do is a bit like trying to fly with one wing, and how learning the sales and marketing piece changed everything.

Recommendations and Resources:

During our conversation, Linda refers to two business coaches who each helped her make incredible progress in her business, they are Catherine Watkin and Corrina Gordon-Barnes:

Catherine Watkin Catherine helps heart centred business owners get more clients saying “Yes Please!” in a way that feels authentic, comfortable and is always in alignment with their values.

Corrina Gordon Barnes (n/b Corrina has since moved her focus from teaching business and marketing, towards the work that she does now which is relationship coaching. However her website You Inspire Me is still available, and on there you’ll find a treasure trove of information when it comes to learning all about authentic marketing. Also, the live group program that Linda was part of Turn Your Passion To Profit, is now available as a self study online program which you can learn more about here==> 

Julie Hall of The School Of Marketing

Winning Women Essex & London

Blog post: 7 steps to make networking fun (and get clients)

Where you can learn more about Linda Anderson

What’s Your Biggest Secret Block To Money & Success? Take the quiz ==>


Facebook: Tap Into Your Success

YouTube: Linda Anderson

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