Don’t Be Afraid To Ask – In Conversation With Matt Long

“Don’t be afraid to ask. If you know someone who’s making a success of it, ask them what’s really worked for them and follow that same plan, and also ask them about any mistakes they’ve made, and then try not to make the same mistakes!” (Matthew Long, Matt Long Massage)

If you’re someone who could do with strengthening your ASK muscle, then you’re going to get a lot from this episode.

So Matthew Long is this week’s guest on the podcast, and his business is Matt Long Massage based in the market town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. As business owners, I wonder whether we ask enough sometimes, and I think Matt is a great example of someone who does ask, and what opens up when you do.

A former RAF serviceman of 22 years, this is Matt’s second career which he became interested in after receiving some fantastic treatment himself, so much so, that he asked his massage therapist exactly what qualifications he had, and enrolled at the very same training school!

Matt first went self-employed in January 2016, and then moved to Bury St Edmunds in December 2016. Since then, he’s created a busy practice, attracting on average 5 new clients a week, and you’ll notice Matt is really generous about sharing exactly how he has done that. He demonstrates there is no mystery behind marketing, just a commitment to regular consistent action most days, no matter how busy you are!

Three words that sum up what the entrepreneurial journey has been for Matt so far are:

“Scary. Exciting. Challenging”

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • How part of what it takes to build a business is about trial and error and that’s OK because it’s part of the journey.
  • How gently raising his prices, actually attracted more clients for Matt and what that taught him.
  • Having a fearlessness about asking clients for feedback and their opinions have been key to developing his business.
  • The boundaries that Matt puts around his weekends, and valued time with his family.
  • How having a regular coffee meet up with other therapist friends and health practitioners, is an essential part of recharging the batteries.
  • Through being in the habit of regularly asking for help, advice, referrals, and testimonials has served him incredibly well and contributed to building a business quickly, and efficiently.

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