We Need To Relax And Stop Being So Serious! – In Conversation With Lynn Hord

“I still have much bigger visions for my business, but in this moment, right now, I know I have so much in my life, right now, that’s joyful and lovely – and I created that!” (Lynn Hord, The Joy Coach)

Think of this episode as a lovely little ‘pick me up’, that if for some reason, you’ve lost sight of “why am I doing this working for myself lark again?” allow this episode to put you right back in that place of gratitude and appreciating all that is good about being an entrepreneur.

So, Lynn Hord is this week’s guest on the podcast. Lynn is The Joy Coach and Founder of Joy School and a leading light in the field of Joy Creation. As a certified coach and facilitator, she helps people harness the power of joy, to feel more motivated, more fulfilled, and much happier about their lives right now.

Lynn has been in business for herself for the last 5 years, and as she reflects on that time herself “it’s not always been easy, but even when things are not going well I’ve still found so much to enjoy within my business”

When I asked Lynn to reflect on the three words that sum up her entrepreneurial journey so far, she said:

“Challenge. Growth. Bliss”

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • We reflect on the wonder of being able to create something out of ‘thin air’ and then selling that to someone who really wants/needs it;
  • We talk ‘mind monkeys’ (oh yes!) and how we manage to (for the most part) peacefully cohabit with these little fellas;
  • How business buddies has been a fundamental ingredient for Lynn in starting her business and continues to be to this day “shoot the breeze” as she calls it;
  • We muse on the difference between “inspired ideas” and bossy ‘should’ ideas and how to know one from the other;
  • How sales and marketing and business related skills are really only 30% – the rest is all about the ‘inner work’;
  • If you only take ONE thing from this episode, do listen to what Lynn has to say about the need to lighten up when it comes to being in business, it’s very funny, but an incredibly important message.

Recommendations and Resources:

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Where you can learn more about Lynn Hord


Lynn’s Joy School starts end of September 2017 ==>

Facebook Biz Page: https://www.facebook.com/lynnhordjoy/

Everyday Joy Seekers (FB Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/102644070086027/

Twitter: @LynnHord

Instagram: @thejoycoach

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/lynnhord

Free e-course: Five Secrets to a Wildly Joyful Life: http://www.lynnhord.com/free-ecourse

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