What is Hypnosis (exactly and what does it feel like?)

When I first qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2008, that was a question I got asked all the time: by clients, family, friends, and even by strangers if it happened to come up. It certainly made for good conversation!

Nowadays, thankfully hypnosis is becoming more and more widely used in the form of self-hypnosis, and more people are beginning to value hypnotherapy as an effective way of dealing with issues like stress, anxiety, and depression; but if you’re someone who is intrigued about trying out hypnosis, but still not 100% sure, the explanation that I give in this video will help.

You’ll learn that hypnosis is not the same as being asleep, and the reason we know that is because it can happen during times when you are fully alert, for example when out running, watching a film, or in deep conversation with someone. Particularly in sport, you may have heard of people talking about being in a state of flow or being in the zone? That’s a kind of hypnosis.

Of course, people do say that they relax very deeply when they go into hypnosis, and also become surprised that they were able to relax much more deeply than they expected to, but it’s not necessary to be fully relaxed in order to go into hypnosis.

Indeed hypnosis occurs naturally, several times a day; you may be aware of that daydreaming feeling we all get when you’ve been focusing on something for a long time, a piece of work at the computer screen, or in a meeting. At some point, your eyes go a bit hazy and glazed over (even when the work or the meeting IS interesting!), and that is essential to our mental health. That daydreaming sensation (when we look behind the scenes), is a bit like pressing the internal reset button. So hypnosis is natural and it happens in everyday life to preserve our emotional resilience.

I suppose the best way to describe what hypnosis feels like, is when you really focus in on something, and you forget everything else around you. Similar to if you’re engrossed in a film or a piece of work, and someone tries to get your attention and you don’t hear them at first because you are too involved, yet you do know on some level they are there.

So it’s like having a split awareness; on the one hand, you know you’re in a therapy session with the other person, and you are aware of who you are and what is going on, but another part of you is deeply absorbed in the experience of focusing naturally inward. People say it feels strangely familiar even when they try it for the first time, and that makes sense because it is a very natural experience.

Essentially, hypnosis is as much about undoing all the ‘negative hypnosis’ that we as human beings do on ourselves(!) and I talk more about that in this video.

If we’ve not met before…

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