What To Do When You Get Nervous (here’s a simple but effective technique)

This week I want to talk about feeling nervous, and what to do about it.

Maybe you’re at a networking event and you’re about to do your 60-second elevator pitch, or you’re about to meet a brand new client. Or perhaps you’ve agreed to speak at an event and you’re about to go on stage or walk to the front of the room to speak.

Your heart is pounding, you feel nervous, you feel like you’ve forgotten everything, and you start worrying about what the hell will people think of you if they see how nervous you are!

Relax, there is nothing wrong with you. What you have is a classic case of the nerves. The sabre-toothed tiger has long since been replaced by our incessant need for social approval. We want to be liked, to fit in, to do a good job, and when your self-employed, that becomes all the more important.

But it’s normal. Everyone gets it from time to time. It’s what you do with those moments, that’s what counts. Do you freak out, or do you look for ways to calm yourself down?

In this video, I will talk you through a really simple but effective technique. A tool that you can use in those moments, and will really help to dissolve those nerves so that you can quite quickly, start to feel calmer and back to normal again.

What’s great about this technique, is that you can do it, even if you are in a room full of people, it is 100% discreet which means you don’t need to run off to the bathroom or anything like that to do it.

It works with exactly where you are in that moment when you need it.

When you’re feeling nervous, you need something simple to do

As you know, feelings of nervousness are very physical – many people feel it in their chest or their stomach, sometimes their legs too.

So all you do here, to calm down those feelings of nervousness down, is silently say to yourself in your mind “feelings of anxiety are passing through me”

“Feelings of anxiety are passing through me”

and you repeat that to yourself several times over.

You’ll start to notice, as you do this a few times, is that everything begins to settle down. It might not be perfect at first, but it definitely feels better than it did.

“Feelings of anxiety are passing through me”

Three Benefits To Using This Technique To Overcome Nerves

  • First, it gives you something to focus on instead of putting all your attention into how nervous you feel.
  • Secondly, it engages your ‘observing self’, which as humans is an incredibly useful resource that we all have the ability to access. The observing self is designed to help us take a step back, be more objective and recognize ourselves as being separate from our emotion, and separate to unhelpful patterns and conditioning. It’s the difference between being caught in the middle of a thunderstorm, and viewing it from inside a nice warm house, looking out of the window.
  • Finally, it gives you back the control, which is really important for training your mind for next time. It gives you the confidence that if it happens again, you’ll know what to do.

So I hope that’s been useful, and that it becomes a helpful and reliable tool that you can draw upon in those moments of minor panic!

I also encourage you to go out there and practice using it, and once you begin to see how helpful it can be, you’ll find yourself naturally saying “yeah why not?” to many more opportunities for you and your business, which in turn will lead to healthier profits.

So, if you found this useful, you can find more handy tips and techniques over on the blog or on my FB page Happy Healthy Entrepreneur.

If we’ve not met before…

Hello, I’m Sarah Swanton, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Founder of Happy Healthy Entrepreneur and I host The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast which you should definitely check out if you are in self-employment.

I love working alongside small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs to help them successfully navigate their way through the ‘inner journey’ of being self-employed, so they can stop getting derailed by issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, or unhelpful patterns of thinking/behaving, and instead, build a business that really supports them, not exhausts them! 

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