There is ALWAYS a way! – in conversation with Wendy Capewell

“There’s always a way. Nothing’s impossible! I don’t give up easily. I know I can do it, and it’s the coaches that keep me on track.” (Wendy Capewell, Relationship Coach )

Wendy Capewell is this week’s guest on The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast, and she is a Relationship Coach, specifically working with couples who know that they love each other, they’ve just lost some of their spark, and are really invested in getting it back again and ultimately having a happy, healthy relationship with one another.

Wendy is also a regular contributor to magazines and is the author of a book called ‘From Surviving to Thriving in a Romantic Relationship’

Now, like many business owners who set up on their own, Wendy did have another career before re-training as a Relationship Specialist. She worked in finance and admin, and was also a Housing Officer for 5 years in a Local Authority, so, this has been a complete change for her, not only in starting her own business but also in a very different type of business.

So when I asked Wendy to reflect on the three words that best describe her entrepreneurial journey so far she said:

Exciting. Frustrating. Freedom.

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • How Wendy really makes the flexibility of working for herself, work for her. How she spent 5 weeks visiting friends in Australia and New Zealand, because she could!;
  • How when you start up in business, you have to wear every single ‘hat’ in the early days, and the sheer frustration of getting everything done, and the shock of qualifying as a therapist, but not having the business or marketing skills to attract clients;
  • How she wishes she brought on VA support systems in place, earlier on in her self-employment journey;
  • How people in the self-employment community are so helpful, supportive and full of advice if you just ask;
  • Self-care comes first. Being able to recognise when to ask the question “What do I need to take care of myself, today?”;
  • The power of online community, and friendships that have developed from the social media world, and helped with overcoming self-employment isolation.

Recommendations and Resources:

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