Anticipatory Anxiety

Anxiety Is An Incomplete Equation

In the work that I do as a hypnotherapist and coach, I very often talk to clients about the idea that when change happens, it happens within them, not outside of them. In other words, the world doesn’t necessarily change, but they will feel pleasantly different. It may be very subtle, and it may not even occur to them until they reflect on it. So they may have a new perspective on something, or see a problem in a very different way, to the point that it just doesn’t bother them anymore.

Anxiety is a bit like that. Very often people link anxiety to events, circumstances, people or situations. The first option they’ll try is to change those things first, or even move away from them. “when this isn’t in my life, I will feel better”. I’ve been there too, believe me! 

Moving on from jobs, cities, relationships, and situations, in order to get away from the ‘source’ of the anxiety, is a never ending road. It feels like a really good idea at the time, but it’s not really the answer. It’s an illusion (albeit a very good one!) Because the truth is, wherever you go, there you are!

Rather than trying to change our circumstances in order to feel in control, perhaps our best bet is to change how we view anxiety and worry?

This video aims to do just that.

Maybe, intellectually you know that anxiety isn’t good for you, but somehow that doesn’t feel enough to stop it?

But what if it just didn’t make sense to you anymore? To do anxiety?

What if you literally changed your mind about how you viewed it? Perhaps you’ve had personal experience of that before, where you’ve literally changed your mind, you heard something, you felt something, or thought something, and whatever it was that used to make sense to you, that’s gone now?

There was a time in my life where smoking made sense to me, now I can’t think of anything more ridiculous.

Because people change their mind all the time, and it can happen in a moment.

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