Redefining Failure – In Conversation With Catherine Watkin

“People get into business and they look at the people who’ve been doing it for years, who’ve got very successful established businesses, and think that’s where they should be, and if they haven’t achieved that within 3-6 months, they feel like they’re failing. And they give up. But the thing is, there’s a journey here, and you can’t force yourself to grow faster than is actually possible, and so it’s that understanding that makes the difference” (Catherine Watkin, Selling From The Heart)

As business owners, if you’ve ever had the experience of wanting to pack it all in because it’s not happening quickly enough, or you haven’t quite nailed your ‘thing’ yet – then you’re going to get a huge amount from this episode.

Catherine Watkin, founder of Selling From The Heart is this week’s guest on the podcast. Catherine works with heart-centred business owners, who want a great business but don’t want to compromise their integrity. She helps them get more clients saying “Yes Please!” in a way that feels authentic, comfortable and is always in alignment with their values.

You’ll hear Catherine talk about how she always knew she wanted to have her own business, she just couldn’t find what that business was meant to be (and not through want of trying either) She talks about how at the age of 41, she finally found the ‘thing’ she was meant to be doing, and since that moment (and it was a defining moment) she’s not wanted to waste another moment since. “It’s like finding the partner of your dreams and now I have it, why would I deny myself!”

When I asked Catherine to reflect on the three words that sum up her entrepreneurial journey so far, she said:

“Personal Growth. Hard Work. Happiness”

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • The journey Catherine went on to find her ‘thing’ she was meant to be doing in business, and how it finally happened 6 years ago (and has been unwavering since);
  • The challenges of finding the right VA support team, and what Catherine has had to do to overcome that, and create what she now describes as her “dream team”;
  • How, after putting up with years of chronic fatigue and depression, that is all behind her now, and being an entrepreneur plays a huge role in keeping her happy, grounded and stable;
  • What self-care looks like for Catherine, and no, it’s not getting out to a yoga class every day;
  • The fear and anxiety she feels leading up to a new launch or live event, and how she responds to that;
  • How learning to have difficult conversations and make brave decisions has really moved her forward in her business.

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