Dealing With Depression As An Entrepreneur

Depression. What is depression?

The feeling of waking up each morning exhausted regardless of how much sleep you’ve had. A severe lack of motivation and enthusiasm to do anything or go anywhere, and a head full of rumination with frequent thoughts of “what’s the point?” and “what’s wrong with me?” When you find it almost impossible to string a sentence together or remember what you did 30 minutes ago, let alone last weekend. 

Of course, none of that is conducive to being a business owner, is it? When you’re trying to develop a business, but you have all of that going on; if deciding what to make for dinner feels like walking through treacle, running a business feels just about impossible!

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur and are affected by depression, then this podcast episode is for you.

Even if you’re not currently experiencing it, but tend to have a fear in the back of your mind that it might come back and floor you from moving forward in your business, then this is definitely for you. You may even find this also helps to shake up some of the ideas you had about depression, but in doing so, leave you feeling much more empowered to deal with it, which in itself is useful.

To find out where you are right now in terms of how well you are meeting your human needs, just go to and you’ll find a document there which you can print off and read through, and score where you are right now, as a starting point.

To your health and happiness,

Sarah x

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