“All the things I can do now, that I couldn’t do a year ago” in conversation with Jemima Willcox

What can you do now, that you didn’t feel confident about doing a year ago?

That’s one of the many topics we talk about on this week’s podcast episode as I reflect with Jemima Willcox on her self-employment journey so far.

Jemima is the owner of Jemima Willcox Photography, she specialises in helping businesses create the right image, working with female business owners and entrepreneurs and providing professional portrait sessions in her Cambridge studio and on location.

In addition, Jemima is the co-organiser of the Cambridge Business Women group. It’s an informal, flexible and low cost meet up, providing a variety of event types to suit all tastes. The idea is that its a sharing of resources and knowledge amongst a welcoming and inspiring group which will leave people feeling empowered and supported.

When I asked Jemima what three words sum up her entrepreneurial journey so far she said:

Emotional. Camaraderie. Validation.

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode

  • The 9-5 employment model never really worked for Jemima and so it was always destined she would be in self-employment.
  • How self-employment has opened up so many opportunities for her “you don’t need to wish for things, you do the things!”
  • How failure is not a bad thing and used in the right way, can help you grow and develop.
  • How Jemima has approached imposter syndrome and comparisonitis, especially when it comes to ‘competitors’.
  • Reflections on the things she can now do that she wouldn’t have felt confident a year ago.
  • The things Jemima does to keep herself out of depression.

Recommendations and Resources

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David Orchard websites

Cambridge Business Women

Where you can learn more about Jemima



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Because when you think about it, what’s the alternative? Possible burnout, or have to go back and get a J.O.B which is no fun for anyone, if all you really want is to be in business for yourself, earning a healthy sustainable income, doing what it is you love.

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