Pricing & Charging Your Worth: in conversation with Karen Arnott

“My advice to anyone starting out is to charge more. Nobody I know starting out, charges enough. I think it’s critical to know your worth and I think most people, particularly women, don’t give ourselves credit for our experience and skills.”

I’m delighted to welcome Karen Arnott who is this week’s guest on the Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast. 

Karen is an enthusiastic graphic designer with over twenty years industry experience – the last twelve of those as a freelancer. Karen works with small businesses providing web and graphic design services so that they can be confident their brand stands out and represents their core values.

When I asked Karen what three words sum up her entrepreneurial journey so far she said:

Freedom. Tenacity. Fun.

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • What it was like becoming employed again after being a freelancer for a number of years, and the lessons learned from that.
  • How Karen manages childcare and freelancing projects over the Summer holidays.
  • The importance of setting client boundaries from the offset, and knowing when a client relationship is not going to work.
  • The big wake up call that came a few years ago, and the changes that Karen has put into place since, to prevent burnout.
  • The useful mindset shift she had about assertiveness, self-worth, and anxiety, after attending Confident Speaker workshop.

Recommendations and Resources:

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Where you can learn more about Karen


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