The Entrepreneur Mindset: Lara Waldman

“Mindset is one of the biggest challenges as an entrepreneur; we have to be willing to step outside of our comfort zone. That discomfort – it represents growth, expansion and that we are stepping up.”

This week, I’m delighted to introduce you to Lara Waldman who is this week’s podcast guest.

Lara is an Inspirational Speaker, Healer, Abundance Coach and Author of the book “Money Manifestation Mastery”. She empowers heart centred and conscious women to attract more money into their life and business, through helping them to embody their great gifts, and share them more authentically, effectively and powerfully in the world. She teaches women how to use Money Manifestation as a vehicle to fulfilling their Life’s Purpose and making the difference they were born to make.

When I asked Lara to reflect on the three words that sum up her entrepreneurial journey so far, she said:

Empowerment. Expansion. Transformation.

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode

  • Being an entrepreneur was never in Lara’s plan, she was a trained actress and was just starting out until she received a really strong sign one day that her life was about to change paths.
  • How Lara has learned to trust her intuition, because, in hindsight, it’s always led to great things in her business, even though in the moment it can bring some real discomfort, she has learned to go with it!
  • Getting out in nature, moving her body, and connecting with other entrepreneurial women are a few of the ways Lara keeps herself grounded and centred.
  • Some great tips on how Lara approaches feelings of fear, and a really helpful reframe around what fear really means.
  • After 16 years in business, she has learned that the best advice on entrepreneurship is to enjoy the journey because there is no end point – it’s a continuum, so enjoy it.

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