Believing In My Own Resilience – In Conversation with Louise Moles

“You have strengths and you have emotional resilience, and you have unique skill sets that you can use within your business, so put those to use, and don’t move the goal posts along the way.” (Louise Moles, Thrive with Louise)

If you’re in need of a pep talk this week, then this is it!

This week on the podcast, I’m in conversation with Louise Moles of Thrive With Louise. Louise teaches people how to thrive with a psychological training course, called The Thrive Programme, which was created by Rob Kelly. Louise has established a speciality in working with Emetophobia clients, helping them to Thrive and overcome their extreme fear of vomiting.

Louise has been running her therapy practice since 2015, so still a relatively new business, she was able to draw on a lot of early days experiences which when you hear her talk about that, will see how relevant those learnings are at any stage. We talked about self-belief, resilience, and the most effective way for taking action.

Three words that sum up what the entrepreneurial journey has meant to Louise so far are:

“Empowering, Self Discovery, and PACE”

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • “Being on this entrepreneurial journey – I never considered it an option” how a simple recommendation from a friend to seek help for anxiety led her on a journey that has literally changed her life on all levels.
  • How important it has been for Louise to pace herself right from the start with consistent and continuous effort, and how this has served her extremely well since then.
  • That the entrepreneurial journey has not been without challenges, but her approach to that is to believe in her own resilience.
  • How Louise is able to take time out from her business, and not think about work, and the beliefs she has around this, that allow her to do that.
  • How procrastination and putting things off just doesn’t get a look in now, and the advice she has around tackling that.
  • “Being kind to myself in the early days of setting up my business, and not moving the goal posts has got me to where I am now – which is enjoying it”

Recommendations and Resources:

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