Be Kind To Oneself: in conversation with Renée Van Der Vloodt

“Please, please to be kind to oneself. I think entrepreneurs can have an enormous perfectionist tendency, because they’re so eager to bring that thing they believe in, into the world, and perfectionism can really throttle us. If we can be kind and forgiving to ourselves, I think that is the one thing I’d like to see. I’d love people to learn that, very early on, rather than wait until they’re my age to be kind and generous to themselves.”

I’m delighted to welcome Renée Van Der Vloodt who is this week’s guest on the Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast. 

Renée is a coach, educator, therapist, and writer with over 20 years experience of positively transforming the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and teams. Alongside running a thriving practice, Renée’s experience includes coaching senior executives at Shell International and teaching therapists and coaches within the UK, Europe, America, and Africa. Renée regularly contributes to Breathe magazine, the Human Givens Journal and has penned innumerable blogs on the psychology of behaviour change.

When I asked Renée to sum up what her self-employment journey has been so far, she said:

Adventure. Service. Learning.

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode

  • What has fuelled her entire business journey, has been one word – curiosity.
  • The importance of creating space for reflection and thinking time during the working day “what do I need?” “what would be kind to me?”
  • Being able to discern between intuition and anxiety, and learning to know which ‘voice’ to act on.
  • The lure of shiny object syndrome, and how social media (for all it’s good), can also be likened to eating junk food.
  • The implications of what it means to be an ‘early adopter’ and how it can be a challenge at times when others don’t fully buy into what you do.
  • Meditation and yoga are what keeps Renée feels centred and a way of ‘cleaning her inner home’.

Recommendations and Resources

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