What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up In Your Business

The rollercoaster ride of being an entrepreneur. Some days the work feels so joyful and effortless, while other days it feels like a total uphill struggle – which is no fun at all. What about those days  (correction, weeks) where it does feel tough? Where it all feels too hard, and the excitement that you first felt about setting up on your own feels like a very long time ago indeed.

One of the most overused phrases I hear is “I just can’t do this” (and I don’t exclude myself from this either).

“I just can’t do this”

It’s very compelling, isn’t it?

When you’re right there ‘in’ it, the feeling of wanting to give up can feel very strong indeed, and incredibly plausible too.

Whether it’s sales calls you need to make or a marketing strategy to get off the ground or even trying to juggle business and family life – sometimes it feels easier to just not work at all, or go and get a job that doesn’t require much thinking or effort all.

An easier life.

In this week’s video, I talk about some simple truths that are inherent in all of us, that, because we have forgotten how to call upon them, we can get ourselves in a real pickle at times.

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Until next time, Bye for now.

Sarah x

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