What To Do When You’re Struggling To Make A Decision

Making a decision should be easy. That choice or this one. That’s it. Yet, why does it feel so hard to make a decision sometimes?

Some people talk about the feeling of ‘analysis paralysis’ and it really can feel like that at times. The anxiety of not being able to make a decision for fear of getting it wrong.  

A fundamental part of being a business owner is to make decisions, often on a daily basis. Which suppliers to go with, what products and services to offer, how much to charge, how to attract new clients, and whether to say “yes” or “no” to an opportunity that comes your way. Some decisions feel easier than others, but all require some level of thought and attention before coming up with an answer.

If you’ve ever had the experience of really struggling to make a decision, to the point that it felt like it held you back from moving forward in your business, then this video is for you. In it, I talk about my own experiences of ‘analysis paralysis’ when first setting up my business, and how that affected me, as well as revealing some interesting truths about the real reason we get ourselves in a right pickle about making decisions.

If you’re going through this a bit at the moment with something you need to make a decision on, I do hope this video offers you some comfort, so you can stop feeling stuck and get yourself moving again.

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